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Le Grinch
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Le Grinch

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In the town of Whoville, the humanoids called Whos are filled with excitement about celebrating Christmas. However, the only one who is not amused is a cantankerous and a green-furry hermit named the Grinch, who has a heart that is « two sizes too small » and lives in a cave on the top of Mount Crumpit just north of Whoville.

Meanwhile, 6-year-old Cindy Lou Who notices that her mother Donna is overworked trying to take care of herself and her baby twin brothers, Buster and Bean. Initially deciding to send a letter to Santa Claus to help her mother, Cindy encounters the Grinch. He sarcastically tells her that she’ll have to talk to Santa face-to-face about it; she attempts to go to the North Pole to talk to Santa, but when Donna tells her that it would take a month to travel there, she instead decides to try trapping Santa with the help of her friends.

With Christmas approaching, all the Whoville festivities give the Grinch a flashback about his childhood spent alone and unwanted in an orphanage. The Grinch soon decides that he will steal Christmas from Whoville to assuage his distress. He acquires a fat reindeer whom he calls Fred and steals a sleigh from his neighbor Mr. Bricklebaum. After a test run, the Grinch discovers that Fred has a family, and agrees to let Fred go home with them.

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